“Jurassic World” Scientific Consultant Set To Create New Immersive Hologram Adventure Taking Guests Back In Time 65 Million Years Ago Showcasing Mixed-Reality Technology At Its Grandest

Experience Comes From The Company Behind Mind-Blowing Holographic Touring Concerts Featuring Roy Orbison & Maria Callas

Los Angeles, CA (May 21, 2018) – Today, BASE Hologram, the leading live entertainment content creator and aggregator leveraging holographic film technology to produce concerts, theatricals, spectacles and out-of-home attractions worldwide, announced a partnership with dinosaur authority Jack Horner and Horner Science Group to create the company’s first location-based experience.

Set to debut in Spring 2019, “Everything You Know About Dinosaurs Is Prehistoric!” will be an immersive holographic adventure where guests will feel, live and experience being in the same room and environment with these extraordinary prehistoric masters of the Earth. Guests will watch, hear and experience dinosaurs walk, fly, roar, and sing in a world they once ruled.

Preconceived notions about dinosaurs will be shattered as Horner, lead scientific consultant and palaeontologist for the Jurassic Park films, utilizes a mix of holograms, projection and animation technology, video mapping and augmented reality to takes guests through recently unearthed findings about colors, skin texture, sounds and movements of these amazing creatures.

“As a young child I found my first dinosaur bone and I haven’t stopped looking since,” said Jack Horner. “My discoveries have come because I am not afraid to challenge the status quo. Everything we have learned here has fundamentally changed the way I believe dinosaurs looked and lived. I’m beyond thrilled to be able to take guests on this type of journey where these new discoveries will literally come to life in front of them.”

Formed by parent company BASE Entertainment, BASE Hologram’s mission is to create the most innovative high tech entertainment experiences to meet the substantial and still growing demand for live entertainment.

“BASE Hologram is comprised of two separate divisions – concerts and location-based experiences,” said Brian Becker, CEO & Chairman, BASE Entertainment and BASE Hologram. “In each case, the goal is for audiences to be drawn into an ultra-realistic experience where fantasy becomes reality and life comes back to the stage in truly unique ways. Location-based productions deliver incredible content to tell a story far beyond what has ever been done in the past. For this, our first venture into the location-based side, we knew we wanted something that would truly show off exactly how special this combination of story-telling and technology can be and what better way than to bring guests back this fascinating era where dinosaurs roamed the Earth over 65 million years ago.”

The location-based division will be comprised of projects designed to serve as traveling exhibitions and permanent attractions that can play in multiple museums and science centres around the world concurrently. Universal production elements will appeal to a variety of audiences that are both educational and entertaining. The holographic and video imaging technology of today can transport visitors anywhere from back in time to the furthest reaches of space –immersing them in something they couldn’t otherwise experience.

“Dinosaurs are just the beginning. These productions utilize state-of-the-art holographic digital and laser technology as well as expert theatrical stagecraft to create truly unique experiences,” said Michael Swinney, EVP, Location-based Productions. “We will bring to life artists, icons, scientists, historical figures, as well as natural phenomena and fictional characters in photorealistic, 3-D productions worldwide with no limitations and all happening concurrently.”

BASE Hologram’s first projects include a pair of first-of-their kind concerts featuring rock and roll legend Roy Orbison and opera legend and diva Maria Callas. Selected for both their resurgence among music lovers of all kinds and their spellbinding command of more intimate venues, Orbison and Callas will perform separate full-length live concerts worldwide, singing all new digitally remastered renditions of their biggest hits backed by live symphony orchestras.

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