Everything you know about dinosaurs is prehistoric!

Prepare to marvel at the incredible sight of dinosaurs coming to life in a new immersive holographic experience.

Join Jack Horner, lead scientific consultant for the Jurassic Park films, on a thrilling and educational adventure through time. You’ll experience what it would have been like to be with these extraordinary prehistoric creatures when they ruled the Earth millions of years ago, thanks to the latest in holographic technology.

Everything you know about dinosaurs is prehistoric!

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Jack Horner wants to transport people back in time to… let people feel as though they’re on a paleontological dig, inside a laboratory and surrounded by dinosaurs in the wild.

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The Experience

The hologram technology of today will transport you to the Cretaceous era of yesterday. Guests will watch, hear and experience dinosaurs walk, fly, roar and sing in a world they once ruled – making it a must-see for school groups, families and dinosaur enthusiasts alike.

Everything you think you know about dinosaurs is prehistoric. Preconceived notions about dinosaurs will be shattered as Horner utilizes a mix of holograms, projection and animation technology, video mapping and augmented reality to take guests through recently unearthed findings about colors, skin texture, sounds and movements of these amazing creatures.

For All of the Family Ages 3+

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